Poster Design – Charlie Chaplin

Set of posters illustrated with only type and colour

Poster Design - Charlie Chaplin

Set of posters illustrated with only type and colour

Project name
Modernized classics

Type of work
School Project / Advertising / Typography / Illustration

12.11.2021 – 14.11.2021


Sole Designer

You are given the responsibility of creating a series of posters for the classic
Charlie Chaplin films, the posters should be modern, monochromatic and only use typography. The posters you create will be displayed in partnership with the title of each film to be shown in series. You are only to use his first or last name, and the letters must all be either upper- or lowercase. You are permitted to change the size and weight of the letters as you see fit as long as they are still distinguishable.

How to make a set of modern posters with only typography, Charlie Chaplins first or last name, and have all the letters be either upper- or lowercase?

To make a set of modern typographical posters for the Charile Chaplin films: Modern Times, The Great Dictator and The Gold Rush that fit well togheter in
a series.

My Role
I was responsible for all aspects of this project from the ideation, creation and presentation. The project is a further development from a warm up task given to me and my class mates by John Ingeldew during the concept development module at the University of West London, graphic design course.

The Gold Rush
The creation of the Gold Rush poster came from moments in the movie, in addition to the iconic Charlie Chaplin silhouette. The “L” shape is tilted to reference a scene where the cabin is tipping over a cliff. In addition to this, the portrayal of the mountains on the bowler hat is both a reference to where the movie takes place as well as the snow on top of Chaplin’s bowler hat in the film.


The Great Dictator
Developing this poster was more of a challenge than the others. The work needed to build an association with the iconic Charlie Chapline while still conveying the underlying context of the second world war and the satirical
and negative connotation of the things this caricature represents. As Chaplin’s silhouette resembles the dictator he is portraying, when we combined that with the color pallet of the poster we instantly create the right associations to them and the period that the movie is set in. Lightening the tone of the piece by visualizing the main symbol being thrown into a bin, to create a more light-hearted and funny feeling.


The Modern Times
The Modern Times illustration was directly inspired by scenes from the film, where the silhouette of Chaplin and his disheveled hair is illustrated as a cog, as well as the letters that make up the eyes. This is a nod to the scene where Chaplin’s pulled into the machine, in addition to this element the silhouette is illustrated holding a wrench up to his chest as this also references back to a scene in the movie.



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